Rent your boat

Rent a Boat

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Physical level: Can walk
Things you need: smartphone, boat
Also requires: boat insurance
Earns in about: 10 days
Earning potential: You decide, $100 and up/rental is typical
What it costs: 5% commission, or other fee options


We provide an easy solution to boaters worldwide. is a boat rental online marketplace connecting boat owners to boat renters. Potential renters can search boats listed by private boat owners, boat rental facilities and charter companies from around the world. They can view boat details, availability, rates, past renter experiences, and star ratings. As a boat owner, you're in complete control. You set the rate, your availability and your requirements. Thousands of boaters have listed and rented their boats successfully on List your boat for free or rent a boat though our network and you too will see why we are so successful!